G Raid 16TB Basic Questions

I am getting a G Raid with Thunderbolt 2. It has two 8TB drives.

  1. Are there any issues with swapping out the two 8TB drives with two 4TB drives?
  2. Can this be configured with a Mac as JBOD?
  3. If I use it to edit 4K video, my understanding is that I need to configure it as some RAID option to make it faster? Which RAID configuration do I need to look into?


  1. No issues, as long as you do it in pairs.
  2. Yes it can, RAID0, RAID1 and JBOD are all options in the configurator software
  3. RAID0 is going to be a requirement for 4K and thats how it is out of the box.
  1. What do you mean by “as long as you do it in pairs?” What does “pairs” mean? Do you mean that I need to have two drives of the same storage capacity in the unit? So two 4TB drives, or two 8TB drives? If so, does that only apply to configuring in a RAID format? Does it also apply to JBOD?

  2. Using RAID0, does this mean that only a single drive will display on my desktop and I only have 8TB of available storage space available with this configuration? Are the two drives somehow running faster in the RAID configuration vs. as individual drives?

Thanks for your help.

Means 2 drives at a time, a pair is 2 drives. Just like you asked.

Only a single drive will appear on the computer when using RAID0 and 1. only JBOD will they mount individually.

RAID0 they run faster, RAID1, not faster, just that it is mirroring the data to the other drive simultaneously.

  1. Can two Samsung SSD 850 EVO SSD drives be placed in the G Raid enclosure?
  2. Will there be much performance gain by using two Samsung SSD 850 EVO in Raid0?


It might be possible, however the railings are designed for full size drives and we have not tested SSD media in these enclosures.