G-DRIVE with Thunderbolt 3 vs G-Tech USB-C

Hi, after using a MacBook Pro retina 2012 I want to buy a new MacBook Pro 15”

I having been using G-Tech drives since 2008 and I currently use a 2015 G-DRIVE 3 TB Thunderbolt USB 3.

In my family we have 2 G-Drive 4-TB USB-C drives which a great and most important are very silent (compared to my G-DRIVE 3 TB Thunderbolt USB 3)

Apple Netherlands recently stopped selling G-Tech USB-C drives but I wonder what would be the best purchase: a G-Tech USB-C or a G-DRIVE with Thunderbolt 3 ? Last one is more expensive and also noisier (as I understood).

Thanks for your kind advice.

The full size drives will be the same “noise” level basically since they are 3.5" rotational drives. Only the portable drives would be more silent due to just being smaller.

Only our RAID devices have fan so what you hear would just be the workings of the drive mechanism and its general hum.

The Thunderbolt 3 device is a faster drive than the one in the USB-C enclosure but its a pretty small amount of difference.

Hi Rydia,

Thanks fo your follow up.

My current G-Drive with Thunderbolt: https://www.g-technology.com/products/desktop/g-drive-thunderbolt#0G03050 is very noisy.

Our G-Drive USB-C: ttps://www.g-technology.com/products/desktop/g-drive-usb-c#0G05666 are silent

The G-Drive with Thunderbolt 3: https://www.g-technology.com/products/desktop/g-drive-with-tb3#0G05363 seems also noisy compared to the USB-C drive only. Sure the former has a faster 7200 RPNM drive.