G-Drive Thunderbolt 3 - "Reallocated Sector count"

I found issue on my G-Drive Thunderbolt 3 by Drive DX Utility - “Reallocated Sector count” with parameter - 3. Is this seriously problem? Which number has critical value? What should I do in this case?

It is very minor, all drives are made with the ability to have spare sectors to be used in the event there is a bad read/write to one and it just is reallocated.

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Rydia, is this warranty case? Should I return unit for support? If it will grow, which number of Reallocated Sector count critical?

It would be a massive number to require concern in the hundreds or thousands. You can warranty the device any time you feel the need. The process is just done on our website. Support > Warranty & Returns > Warranty Returns

Thanks for information, I’ll be watching progress of grow this number