G-Drive Sleep | Firmware Update Not Working

I contacted support about my drives going to sleep and I have two versions that have the issue and requires a firmware upgrade. The version is 0G02537. He indicated the firmware should detect my drive and perform automatic update. I downloaded update utility 0604. I extract and install. Once I have it installed I have disconnected all of my other external drives, and replaced the USB cable with firewire 800 cable and connected it to my thunderbolt to firewire adapter. I launch turn on my drive, launch the utility and it is not finding the drive. Should be a fairly simple upgrade and something is not right. I tried both ports on my G Drive 4TB mode 0G02537 and still is not working. I can with either firewire port access the drive and perform read and writes with the drive. Update utility is not working. My system is iMAC Mojave 10.14. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



This customer has spoken to support over the phone again since this post.

No device found since Mojave was installed…