G-DRIVE mobile USB-C Case Type


I’m planning to buy a 1 TB G-DRIVE mobile USB-C drive, but I want to know what type of case it uses. Some WD external drives have the HDD soldered to the external case, so, if the external case breaks, even if the HDD is still working, you can’t detach it to recover your data with a SATA to USB adapter or even with another external case. Does this external drive have its HDD soldered to the external case or does it use a standard USB to SATA case?


I received same model on 3/1. The case is a brushed aluminum top & bottom covers with a black-brushed aluminum band holding the 2 covers in place. I don’t see any means of removing the bottom cover from the top (no visible screws or way to separate the black band without damaging). …I think G-Tech would have to do some post extraction for you.