G Drive mobile as television HDD


I have just purchased a G Drive Mobile 1TB to use as a hard drive to record off a Samsung television.
When I formatted this via the television the space on the hard drive was showing as just 196MB.
Any thoughts? No jargon, plain English please!


The drive is pre-formatted for Mac only that is why you see the small partition. That part is left unallocated due to the way the drives are pre-formatted.

In order to try using it as a drive on your TV you are going to want to bring the drive to a Windows PC and reformat the unit.

Windows format process


Thank you, Rydia.
I’ll try that when your website is back up and running, cannot open link at the moment.

I’m a Mac man myself but fortunately my Son-in-law runs Windows

Thanks again, I’ll let you know how it goes.

A J Lingham


Thank you, Rydia.
My son-in-law reformatted the the G Drive for me and I now have 936Gb of memory.

Thank you so much for your assistance


A J Lingham