G-Drive 4TB. Plugged 24v in the 12v socket

I plugged a 24v power supply into the G-Drive by accident. Now the G-Drive will not power up using the normal 12v 2amp power supply.

I have important documents on this drive. What is my best course of action to recover the data or preferably to get the G-Drive working again?

I understand how to pull the hard drive and hook it up to a external sata cable to recover the data. I would prefer to fix the whole G-Drive because it is an expensive unit.

Additional Questions:

  1. Are there replacement parts for this drive? could I replace the circuit board?
  2. Is there a fuse?
  3. Would the 12v diode be blown? I read something about a WD external hard drive having a blown diode after an over voltage.
  4. is it a 3.5" HDD?

Any help is appreciated.

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I have the same issue, where you able to recover your data?