G-Drive 1TB formatted to EXFAT on MacBook Pro not opening on Windows 10 Dell XPS

Hello Forum Folks!

I used to work on a Mac Book Pro (2015) - bought a GDrive 1TB with Thunderbolt to transfer files between that and my personal Windows 10 Dell.
I used the Mac to format the drive to EXFAT as per G-Tech instructions, however the drive won’t open on the Dell - it shows in the Disc Management folder as ‘Unknown’ and ‘Not initialised’ - which I’ve avoided doing when prompted as this may wipe all the files (I think)?

I formatted to EXFAT and bought this drive specifically to transfer between machines, didn’t partition it as I thought EXFAT would solve the need to.

I’m not a techy person - very much a front end user of these systems, I’d really appreciate any suggestions on how to solve this.
Please keep any instructions as simple as possible for this old user - Thank you!

Yes formatting the drive to exfat will allow it to work on both systems. If it is showing not initialized on the Windows side then the process must have been done wrong.

I would suggest re-doing the exFAT format on the drive but on the Windows side. Then bring it back to the Mac to transfer the data to it.