G-Dock ev w/Thunderbolt not mounting drives

I have a G-Dock ev with Thunderbolt (Thunderbolt 1) and I have it connected to my iMac (late 2014) running OS High Sierra. I am unable to mount any of my drives using the dock.

I have the G-Dock connected via the thunderbolt cable. And the power is plugged in.

When I take one of my drives, in this case a 1 TB drive, and insert it in to the dock, the drive does not mount. In fact the light on the front of the unit does not light either.

I know the drive is good and can read data. I have independently plugged the drive in to the computer via USB and can see it, read/write to it.

Using the System Information, I can see that the computer sees the G-Dock listed on the Thunderbolt Device Tree.

I have also confirmed this same state with my MacBook Air.

This all seems to point to something being wrong with the G-Dock itself.

Am I missing something? Any ideas?

Thank you.

Mine too.
It’s a couple of days that i can’t use.
The drives, externally usb connected are working well, but inside the dock doesn’t work anymore.
I can see the thunderbolt attached and recognized, but the light on drives are switched off.
When i push the power on switch, the 1st drive blink for a bit and nothing else.
The 2nd drive not blink at all.
did u find a solution or i have to request an RMA?

If it is behaving the same way on multiple computers then it is likely an issue with the G-DOCK itself.

Double check and make sure the power adapter you are using is 12v and 4 or 5a. If that is so then its the correct one, sometimes they are switched unknowingly. If it is within warranty you can generate an RMA for replacement on our website here: RMA Creation

We have the same problem since 2 weeks. Hard drives are ok outside the enclosure in USB.
What should we do the warranty is just over, How can we fix this ?
Who can fix/repair those G-Dock ev thunderbolt enclosures ?