FYI: G-Drive does not work with Surface Book

FYI: I bought my 6TB G-Drive for back about 4 months ago. It worked great with my Lenovo C50-30 All-in-one, but after experiencing computer issues I had to replace my 4 year old Lenovo and purchased a new Surface Book 2.

When attaching my G-Drive there where issues with the G-Drive freezing up my Surface Book and the drive would just continually run trying to read the files.

I reached out to G-Technologies and they were kind enough to replace my drive but I experienced the same issue with the replacement drive.

I took my G-Drive and Surface Book to the Microsoft store for the tech to look at it and they had the same issue with a customer before who had two G-Drives 6TB and 10TB that had the same issue with his new Surface Book.

It turns out for a unknown reason at this time the G-Drives will NOT work with the Surface Books, we tested it with the Surface Laptop and HP laptop and it worked fine and the issue is only with the Surface Book.

So for those who have G-Drives and are considering getting a Surface Book be aware your G-Drive will NOT work with these at all.

Thankfully I have two other WD external drives I use for back up and those work great!

Hopefully someone will come up with a solution.