FW Versions

I wouldn’t. The MyCloud is a product, using embedded linux as a means to an endz like a huge number of other products using embedded Linux.

No. The rest of us are left with what we purchased; a NAS, and we’re happy that the HDD is partitioned to maximise the amount of space available for data storage, and the minimal amount set aside for the operating system.

If you want to convert the MyCloud into a Linux box, why not repartition the HDD?

No I’m good. The silly thing has rsyncd.

The Ethernet device name is: “egiga0”

I assume it stands for “Gigabit Ethernet dev 0”

Yeay, something like that. “eGiga” - name of a Network driver in Marvell/Armada kernel.
idk why, but WD add this “workaround” to kernel… (In Marvell sources its “eth0”).

Sometime wd software make me ■■■■ bricks…

can I install v2 on my v04 running cloud or would it fail?

No the gen1 and gen2 have different hardware.

Ok understood that but at the WD website and in the internet, I can’t find any naming called “Gen1” and “Gen2”. My product is only called Single Bay MyCloud. How can I understand the difference?

So is mine a Gen1? as it runs v0.2?

Yes, we know it’s stupid.
We told WD that not changing the name would lead to confusion.
We told them it was stupid to have later firmware with what appears to be an earlier version.

Did they listen to wise counsel? No.

Look at the firmware version in the My Cloud Dashboard or at the P/N number on the bottom on the single bay My Cloud enclosure.
1st gen = v3.x/v4/x firmware
2nd gen = v2.x firmware

1st gen P/N ends with -00
2nd gen P/N ends with -10

Yes its stupid. And yes many others have complained about this confusion in the past.

The hardware is slightly different with the 2nd gen single bay My Cloud units.