Future support for WD Caviar Green 2TB "WD20EARS"?

Too late I found that the ShareSpace does not support these drives. After nights of struggling with this, I found a forum post below that confirms that is the case. Now, only the WD20EADS-type is supported. However, these are not for sale at the larger retailers here, only the WD20EARS-disks are.

This was in an attempt of upgrading the 4 TB ShareSpace to 8 TB. 

Is there any hope that a future firmware update will support the WD20EARS-drives? 



Ironically, the only solution to my problem seems to be to purchase a HD-less NAS of another brand (any brand, except WD).

So today I have ordered this one:  Synology DiskStation DS411+

The ShareSpace has served me well since I bought it a few months ago, but with the Synology, I’ll be free to choose what harddisks to put in it. In a years time or so, I might replace the 2 TB disks with 3 TB ones. 

Unfortunately, I cannot recommend the ShareSpace, due to the extreme limitations in upgrading/replacement of drives. 



I have two WD20EARS in my SS. No problems per se.

I also plug in a WD20EARS in it with my 2 x 1TB, although it officially says I cannot mix hard drives with different sizes, it is running ok.

It doesn’t make sense to me if it doesn’t support new drives.  I don’t think I can find XXXXEADS anymore.