Fuming mad - sick and tired of IDLE oscillations

This just needs to stop/be said. I purchased two new 1TB WD BLACK drives a month and a half ago.

Power on time 42.2 days
Drive 1 - C1 Load Cycle Count: 113506
Drive 2 - C1 Load Cycle Count: 111800
Windows 7.

Enough games enough excuses… this has been going on for what at least a half dozen years… I’ve lost track of the number of systems I’ve discovered this time bomb. Having to waste my time taking production systems out of service and booting DOS apps to fix. It is at least a couple dozen drives over the past few years.

You people know about the oscillation yet you keep manufacturing products that are defective by design.

I’ve read enough posts about cute warranty traps where service is denied due to the counter spinning out of control. At this point I don’t care about the excuses or the justifications or conspiracy theories… I don’t care why you keep doing it… why you persist with this nonsense.

I’m simply done. I will never buy another WD product ever again in my life.

Cute, WDIDLE3 no longer works. Both disks returned.

The latest WD 4TB black are even worse than just WDIDLE problem because this noise come even during read/write operations…