FULL reset of a DL4100

I am in the process of setting up a DL4100. I made a couple bonehead moves and now cannot get through to my DL4100 through software. How do I just do a full-on, back to zero hardware reset so I can start all over?

Specifically, I changed the device name and now the dashboard apparently can’t find it.

Do a simple System Only reset first as that will do minimal changes but it will bring password back to default (of no password) and you should get into the Dashboard again…

I would use a simple net scan tool and get the IP address.

I use the free app on my smart phone

There are at least 2 resets

  1. with the system on push in the reset for a few secs - the one Mike27oct is talking about
  2. The BIG reset -every thing to factory - and your raid may be gone too

are you sure you want to know this ? Most will do a backup and save the config data before a total reset.

with device powered off -re-connect power and network then hold down power button while pushing reset button in the back for about 10 sec then release both.

Device should now restart in factory reset mode

There may be reset mode between these two ?

Best to check the WD Support for exact steps and there are procedures for RESET and steps for FACTORY RESTORE, and each device is different, Also, have the complete user manual for your device downloaded from WD Support. This is the best advice you got today!