Full reinstall of WD software?

I’ve recently purchased a WD My Cloud Mirror unit (6TB NAS with RAID 1) and am managing it from my iMac mid 2010 with Snow Leopard. Because of problems with the installation ( http://wdmycloudmirror.local mostly not working etc.), I have factory-reset and re-run the WD Setup software and re-installed several times Quick View, which most of the time didn’t see the unit, and even installed and later removed a separately downloaded WD SmartWare (before, I had to force kill a SmartWare process in order to allow to proceed uninstalling the initial SmatWare that maybe installed with Quick View installation).

The main problem is that Quick View now pretends that what is connected is a non-existent My Book Studio instead of the actual My Cloud Mirror, thus actually preventing me to manage the unit this way.


My question is: is there any way to fully uninstall WD software, in order to try to make a clean reinstall of Quick View, in the hope that in this way it will (only) see the My Cloud Mirror? Or else, where can I manually de-configure Quick View to allow/make it point to the unit?

By the way, I’m planning to upgrade to an EX2, since I feel the Mirror is a bit slow (7-9 MB/s on gigabit ethernet).

Best regards

 - José

PS: I’ve been asked to hide the S/N in the snapshot. Anyway, I don’t know where that data (S/N, % free space) might come from, since it doesn’t correspond to the Mirror unit!

Hi, see if you have the latest Quickview version installed (v2.4.2.2). As a troubleshooting step you can try disconnecting any other WD product from the Mac. 


Thanks, Ichigo. Yes, it’s v2.4.2.2. Curiously enough, when I went now to verify the version, Quick View showed also the My Cloud Mirror unit in the menu, although only with the options to wake up or forget the unit. I chose wake up, but it didn’t have any effect on the unit (just the menu bullet change from red to orange) nor in menu options.

Screen shot 2014-05-20 at 12.18.31 AM.png

Unfortunately, the menu options for the inexistent My Book Studio are still there.

By the way, I’ve remembered that I once connected a My Book Studio, not more than a couple of days, and as far as I remember I didn’t install any software. Maybe it left behind some file.

So, I’m repeating my question: is any way to wholly uninstall WD software? Or else, where is the config file for Quick View etc. that I may reconfigure?

Regards - José

No real answer from Dell after several days, I’m resigning from using the unit and will return it. Anyway, I’ve understood that a NAS RAID is for acting as sever, and that its usage as shared storage is dangerous because deletion errors are instantly mirrored. Since my iMac is always on and uses Time Machine, its preferrable to directly connect instead an external disk and serve part of it from the iMac itself. Cheers - José