Full iTunes integration?

I am new to the Hub and am loving it so far. I have transferred all my video onto it and can watch without problems. My next step is to copy my 160gb iTunes folder and 50gb iPhoto folder. I wonder if I can use these folders on the hub as my main iTunes folders. That is, can I point my MacBook iTunes and iPhoto to those shared folders on the hub and remove the folders from my MacBook? My dream is to free up all that space on my laptop and have my laptop wirelessly access my media. I could stream music to my laptop and look at photos, without all that media on my laptop.
But I would also want iTunes to be able to sync my iPod touch from these folders on the hub. That is, I could plug in my touch into my MacBook, sync iTunes, and iTunes would access the music and photos on the hub. Is this possible? If so, it will make the upcoming iOS 5 with wireless syncing even more awesome.
Let me know what you think.

Well, yes and no.

If you move all your iTunes and iPhotos content over to the Hub and then change your iTunes database on your client PCs to point to a NETWORK DISK and sync to that, then yes.

If you are expecting to use the iTunes Server function of the Hub and be able to discover that in iTunes and Sync to it, then no.

So according to your frist response, I should be able to move my entire Music folder from my laptop to the Hub and tell iTunes to look there. Then any new music I acquire will download directly to the Hub. And any time I plug in my Touch to sync, iTunes will turn to the Music folder on the Hub to wireleslly sync music. Ditto for photos that I add to iPhoto and sync to my Touch. I would imagine all my apps for the Touch would also live on the Hub. All of this sound correct?

If so, my only final issue would be wanting to have a backup of all that media since it will now reside on the Hub. Could I use Super Duper or any other cloning/backup software to keep the Hub media synced with another external hard drive? Just plug in the external drive, run the program, and I have a complete external copy?

Please tell me this is all possible and won’t be super diffcult to establish:)



Yes to your iTunes questions.   That’s how my Wife’s iTunes client is set up;  she syncs across the network to MY PC from her Laptop.

The fact that it’s a hub versus a PC doesn’t matter at all.

As to your backups:  I dunno.   I use Norton Ghost to back up my PC to an external HD enclosure.

Wow! Well this is all great news. Now I start the tedious process of transferring my 160Gb iTunes library to the hub. Is it betterr to connect my external hard drive directly to the hub and use my mac to drag the library over? Or connect the hard drive to my computer to drag the folder over to the hub? I would think a direct link of external drives would be faster, but my test seemed to show the direct link was ridiculously slow (9 hours for 7Gb).

Just a note, you will lose all you playlists and ratings etc. There was a great article I read a while back but can’t remember where, have a search for moving iTunes to network drive or something. Unless you’re not phased by losing playlists etc