Full Episodes Online?

I just purchased the WD HD TV Live and am excited for it. However I was curious to know if there is any current, or word of additional “internet” capabilities. When I say “internet” capabilities, I mean being able to get on ABC.com and watching Full Episodes from the net, or Discovery Channel…Excedra?

Also, I was curious to know what others think, any suggestions of hooking it up?

Thanks Much,


I wouldn’t hold my breath on something that broad.   It’s just to expansive (and expensive.)  

If you’re willing to plunk down $40 on PlayOn Media server, you can get access to Hulu easily, and with free PlayOn plugins, lots of other stuff.

The “List” price is $40.   If you download the Free Trial, then use it frequently and let it expire, chances are you’ll get an e-mail offer for $10 off.

Is that on the WD or just PC?

Playon.tv has details. It runs on a PC on your network and serves up content to media players. I have been using it for over a year with a Dlink device and like it a lot.  I’m lurking here,  consiidering a WD Live for another room.