Full Deezer application control onto Android Smartphone

  Hi all,

  I’ve just bought an WD TV Live Hub. One of the great feature that helps me to make up my choice was the availability of Deezer service accessible through the remote apps onto a Android Smartphone. But eventually I was a bit disappointed as the apps is only a remote that’s still need to turn on the video display (My WD Hub is connected to a video-projector) thus it is not such a nice feature at all for me.

  Do you know if there is a Android apps that provides a full control of the Deezer services without turning on the display ? The aim is to launch a Deezer playlist without turning on the video-projector.

  Thanks and regards, Vincent

As far as I know, not yet I think the request was already made in the ideas section.


  Thanks for answer. I looked for in Ideas forum but I was not able to find any related subjects. Could you please give any link to the hints, or should I post the request in the Ideas forum by myself ?