Hi I’ve written with a translation program allso please forgive the bad English.

I have a question, and although I would like to access my MBL with the program FileZilla FTP from my work on my MBL. But how do I get through it or does it not do? Would be glad if anyone has a solution and I explained it.

Greeting BlackKarpfen

Set FileZilla to only use ONE SESSION simultaneously.

The default, I think, is TWO, and that is not allowed on the MBL.

I may like my MBL veerstehen staying home run but with me in the company, I can not access on it, why? And with only one connection I have set as I have also enabled FTP on my MBL.

Assuming that you connected your MBL to router you need to forward port 21 in your router to your internal MBL ip adress. After that you will be able to log in from internet using ftp.

Angenommen, dass du dein MBL mit dem Router verbunden hast, musst du Port 21 in deinem Router zu deiner internen MBL IP Adresse weiterleiten. Danach kannst du dich über das Internet über FTP einloggen.

Ok thanks, now I see my MBL on work but I’ll download even upload to what is now?