FTP/WebDav or at least ANYTHING? MyCloud UltraEx2


after trying to find ANYthing on that topic I’m giving up and posting this thread. I’ve recently got a strato HiDrive Account and I would like to Upload my Stuff from the MyCloudUltraEx2 to Hidrive. I have not been able to find a way to Upload files from the interface of it? No WebDev, No Rsync?

I’ve seen an FTP “thing” which doesn’t seem to work as it keeps telling me to check my FTP Data.

Can anyone help?


There is a dedicated subforum for the EX2 series of devices where users more familiar with that device and it’s options/features may be able to assist.


This subforum (My Cloud) generally deals with the single bay/single drive My Cloud devices which do not officially support WebDAV.

Any time one is setting up FTP or similar services that will be used for accessing the My Cloud from outside the local network one typically has to enable port forwarding from within the local network router to route the ports to the My Cloud’s IP address. One typically enables FTP and other features through the My Cloud Dashboard.