FTP through airport express

I’ve my wdmycloud connected to an airport express. That apple’s device is linked to a router. I would like to connect to MyCloud through FTP while i’m not on my local network (eg. while i’m at university). What I’ve to do?

The My Cloud User Manual (http://www.wdc.com/wdproducts/library/?id=439&type=25) explains how and where to enable FTP on the My Cloud. You may want to read through the User Manual first if you haven’t already done so. Or see the following WD Support Document.


You must have at lest one User account within the My Cloud configured with a password.

Start by logging into the WD My Cloud Dashboard, go to the Settings section and enable FTP. Then configure port forwarding within your router to forward port 21 (the FTP port) to the My Cloud.

Note however that the FTP protocol is NOT secure. Your login name and password will be transmitted in the clear and can be intercepted. One could use SFTP but to do so will involve using SSH to edit at least one My Cloud OS firmware file. Do a forum search for SFTP and you’ll find several threads discussing how to setup SFTP.

Or one could just use the My Cloud Desktop application (for Mac/Windows), or the WD mobile apps for iOS/Android, or use the MyCloud web portal to access their My Cloud remotely and not bother with FTP. Again, read the My Cloud User Manual which explains the various methods of accessing the My Cloud remotely.