FTP-server not available from Windows Explorer / Internet Explorer

A while ago I bought the White Light version (1.5 Gb) of this network drive. Now I want to use it as an FTP-server and I got it working. But it’s not possible to connect from Windows Explorer or Internet Explorer. The only way I can connect to it is using a FTP-client (I use FileZilla) and specifically set the ‘transfer mode’ to active. If it’s set to default it doesn’t seem to work. Service and support says the active mode is needed because the drive doesn’t have a permanent connection (this makes sense).

But so far they weren’t able to help me with the Windows Explorer problem.

Using a FTP-client with specific connection settings is quite annoying because I have to explain to most people how to do this. 

That’s why I have the following question:

  • Does anyone know a way to connect from Windows Explorer or Internet Explorer?