FTP Download App Help!

I have a MyCloud Mirror, firmware V 2.11.142 that i’ve now had for about a week.
I have been trying to setup the FTP Download App so that I can backup my websites to home.

Problem is that I can’t get the App to connect to the FTP, I have other programs that connect fine from my Mac so the ftp details are correct.
Its also not very responsive the software that is, when i select the Create Job, I have to sit there for about a minute until it responds. And then after entering the ftp server details it just doesn’t connect.
If I check in “Settings” it says under Cloud Access: “No Internet Access” - Is that something different?
Also selected the FTP Access and turned that on (but I presume thats for me wanting to ftp to the MyCould Mirror and not the other way around?)

What am I doing wrong, or does it just not work?

Are you using Static IP instead of DHCP on your My Cloud?
For me, it sounds like this.

If Static IP is used, you have to set Gateway and Primary DNS-Server as well to make the My Cloud able to communicate with the Internet (Gateway IP needed) and on DNS level (Primary DNS needed).

In settings > network >
IPv4 Network Mode = DHCP
Is this what you mean, if so, then yes its set to DHCP?

Correct, this is the DHCP mode - so far, so good.

But then, the Cloud connection should state “connected” instead of “no internet access”. Is there anything else that may block the My Cloud from Internet connection? Any hardware firewall or some strange software firewall settings in your router?

Well i can connect ok from other software using the same details and my Mac is plugged into the same router (Virgin Media SuperHub).

Looking at the superhub, this does have a firewall on it.
Are you saying i need to open something up different to my current ftp software that works ok?

IP-SEC Passthrough
PPTP Passthrough
Multicast Passthrough
These three are not enabled in the firewall. Not quite sure what they do though?

Hi @Anthony_York

I don’t know the Virgin Media SuperHub personally as I am located in Germany. Maybe another forist here can help with experience. You don’t need to open any port in your router to use FTP downloader. The My Cloud needs internet access to download from your web server. As long as the cloud connection says “no internet access”, there is something wrong in the network.

What happens if you turn of the Cloud Access in the Web UI -> Settings -> General, wait a bit and then reenable the cloud access? After a minute, the cloud access should be given.

Do I need Cloud Access enabled then (it is)?
I’m not currently trying to access the unit from outside, just trying to establish a connection from the device to the outside world?

Its obviously connecting as its getting the time from time.windows.com
Problem is its not viewable via the My Cloud area on your website, it says “Can’t connect to WDMyCloudMirror” and suggests contacting support!
All my other NAS devices seem to connect ok?

No, you don’t need Cloud-Access enabled for any kind of other internet connections liek the FTP downloader. This Cloud-Access is needed for the remote access via mycloud.com only.

I’ve never had cloud access working.
Cloud Access : Failed
Connection Status : No Internet Connection

If I turn Cloud off I get
Connection Status : Disabled

Turn on again and its back to No Internet Connection.

Anybody have any idea how i get this working?
Its no good having an ftp backup system if the unit can’t connect to the internet.

Am I the only one that can’t get this working?

We have the same issue in the german forum discussed without any result