FTP Connection to WD HOME LIVE

Hi Folks,

I have got a problem regarding a ftp connection to my WD Home live. In the WD settings I checked the box FTP. In my home-network the drive has the static IP and I can easily connect to this IP using a FTP program… Now I want to install some remote access. But it is not possible to resolve the host. In my fritzbox 7270 I forward the Port 21 to but it does not help - I can still not resolve the host from outside… Has anyone experienced such problems?

I looked up the other posts but they did not help me.

Thank you for any suggestions,


my isp blocks incoming ftp.

You might be able to request the incoming-to-customer FTP ports to be opened.

I think the isp is not the problem since I did a setup for a USB mass storage (that one worked).

At the moment I am forwarding the port dyndns:21 to WD:21 is that correct or do I have to forward to a different port?