FTP alternate port connection issues

Hi, my goal is to be able to access my My Book World Edition White Light remotely via FTP on a port other than the default 21.  Remote access is tested and works fine on port 21 (tested on my android phone on 3G) with my dynamic dns–namaurer.serveftp.com:21, but times out after accepting the user name and password of the My Book World when trying to connect on port 8000, the port I chose in the My Book UI as my alternative to 21.  I forwarded port 8000 to my My Book World private IP in my router (Netgear WNR2000v2) and thought I made the necessary exceptions for port 8000 in my Kaspersky firewall (maybe not).

Can anyone help me out?


Here is what FTPtest says when I try to connect to FTP through port 8000:

Warning: Selected port (8000) is not the default port (21) of the selected protocol.

Status: Resolving address of namaurer.serveftp.com

Status: Connecting to xx.xxx.xxx.xxx

Status: Connected, waiting for welcome message…

Reply: 220 vsFTPd 2.0.4+ (ext.3) ready…

Command: CLNT https://ftptest.net on behalf of xx.xxx.xxx.xxx

Reply: 530 Please login with USER and PASS.

Command: USER admin

Reply: 331 Please specify the password.

Command: PASS *********

Reply: 230 Login successful.

Command: SYST

Reply: 215 UNIX Type: L8

Command: FEAT

Reply: 211-Features:

Reply: EPRT

Reply: EPSV

Reply: MDTM

Reply: PASV

Reply: UTF8


Reply: SIZE

Reply: TVFS

Reply: 211 End

Command: PWD

Reply: 257 “/”

Status: Current path is /

Command: TYPE I

Reply: 200 Switching to Binary mode.

Command: PASV

Reply: 227 Entering Passive Mode (50,155,151,188,19,145)

Command: LIST

Error: Connection timed out

This type of access is not supported, but maybe some of the other users can give you some advice. 

Thank you for your quick reply, Ichigo. Do you mean FTP access on alternative ports is not supported? I’m confused–why would the MyBook’s web configuration allow me to enable FTP and choose an alternative port other than the default 21 if that access is not supported?

Hi again, basically remote FTP access is not supported, this of course doesn’t mean that it wont work, but it is not guaranteed. You can check the following link for more information. 

How to access data using FTP on a WD Personal Cloud drive and other WD NAS devices