FTP Access Through IE

Hi Guys,

Just set up FTP access for a friend following the WD online guides…But, my friend and i have noticed after we portforwarded the router port is that our private share was accessible without authentication, through internet explorer… I could even access it through my phone off my data plan… So, in essence accessible to ‘everyone’ if they knew my ip

If he accesses through filezilla then it does the correct thing in where it asks for the username and password…

So, my question is as anyone run into this before?



Hello and welcome to the support.

I have never tried this before. There are other user with more experience on this matter and hopefully they will come to this post and share their thoughts.

Go to the shares section of your ex2’s manager site, choose each folder and then set the access rights to each (it’s the last set of options). This will determine which user gets to see which folders.

The same problem as you, when I enter ftp://myIPaddress in my web browser, I can access to all folders. That means that everybody can access to my cloud EX2 if they know my external IP address !!

Nobody have an explanation and a solution ?

Thanks for your help.