From Mac to Windows

Hi There. I have a Mac Book Pro running macOS High Sierra. I backed up my data on my 2006 My Book for Mac. I just bought a Envy windows computer. I want to transfer some files from my storage to the new computer. My Disc Management says everything is Healthy and the color bars are all Blue. I changed one black to FAT32. I have DISC 0 partition 1 no File system shown, New Volume E FAT32, Recovery D NTFS, Windows C NTFS, Windows Re tools NTFS showing in Disk Management. Under settings Other devices it say MY BOOK device can perform faster when connected to USB 3.0. In Computer management under WD SES Device Properties General: This device is working properly. MY problem is I can not get into my storage to my files. How do I see my stored files? Any Help Is Appreciated. Thanks

The My Book for Mac is formatted for Apple systems and Windows won’t recognize that partition.