Frequent Red Lights - Drives are "Good"

My MBLD is getting frequent RED Lights. I do a power cycle and the light will turn green once booted up. The Dashboard shows that both drives are “Good”. But with the frequent Red Light appearing I’m beginning to worry. This unit is a few years old. Both drives have been replaced at one point or another during it’s life.

Could the Red Light issue be triggered by a network interruption? Or any other causes?


The Red LED state is triggered by the following faults: “Disk SMART failure”, “Data Volume does not exist”, “System Volume does not exist”, “System thermal shutdown (75 C)” and “Unsupported drive detected”.

In your case, the issue may be caused by network interruptions, so you can configure a static IP address on your My Book Live Duo.

If the issue remains, try performing a quick factory restore and note this process will reformat the drives: