Frequent Power Loss Detected (code 1022) errors

Hi, I have had my EX2Ultra for a few years and had it running in RAID0 without any issues. I recently bought two new drives and configured in RAID1. When copying my files back to my NAS, I get a power loss error frequently. The unit reboots and is busy checking disks for a few minutes and then starts working again. I have had this happen 5 times in the last two hours, and I am getting worried that my unit is defective. The errors happened when plugged into a UPS and when plugged in straight to the wall outlet (no UPS), so i don’t think it is a power outlet issue.
I am on FW 2.31.204.

Any ideas as to what might be going on?

Error Message from log:
Power loss detected
Power loss detected on port 1.
Friday, 2019 December 27, 4:16:05 PM

That could be the reason. Checked my adapter and it’s a 18W, so for 2x6Tb that would be way to low. I also noticed it was running hot. Ordered a more powerful adapter (60W) which should arrive tomorrow and will test again… Will reply back to thread with updates.

It should be on the adapter, you can multiply the voltage by the current, i.e. 12V x 1.5A = 18W.

UPDATE: after hooking up the unit with a 60W power adapter instead of the 18W adapter that came with it, it’s been operating error free. I am running 2x6TB in RAID1 and my UPS indicated it draws between ~20W-30W depending on the work load. No more power failures in the last 48 hrs.