Freezing, no audio, everything pink

After a few months of use my device all of a sudden will not play videos with audio, has everything a pink colour and when videos are started they play (minus the audio) but it freezes the control out so we can’t even turn the unit off without unplugging it and has the ‘working’ symbol (the arrow circle) on it as well as the time bar at the bottom there all the time. We have tried resetting the settings and it is still doing it. We are connecting it to an external hard drive (WD my book). Any suggestions on how to get it to work? I did try to submit it as a support case but it would not accept the product number or serial number… It just said they are not valid.

Do you get the same issue when you try to use the composite input as opposed to HDMI? If you don’t then it means the actual HDMI on your unit is malfunctioning, which would lead to device replacement. If WD’s site is not accepting your unit’s Serial Number then double-check any possible miss-match. “O” are actual “zeros”, not the letter “O” for example.

How to get an RMA, (Return Merchandise Authorization) or replace a defective product under warranty

I admit I can’t help. But I had exactly the same thing and I think WDTV is rubbish. I ditched my WDTV for the same situation you’re in, it never worked correctly and the pink screen, freezing etc - what you describe - kept on happening and coming back. Like an ■■■■■ I bought another to replace it. Although it has not happened with my new one - I have no faith in “buggy,” non-intuitive WDTV and I wish a household name manufacturer would produce a rival unit so we can ditch this shoddy product.

Fair enough what you wrote, for Medic4life to reply to, not me. But I had the identical problems with my WDTV and prior to ‘no audio’ malfunction the sound was fine. Since I did not change connections or anything else, it was clearly the fault of the WDTV unit - nothing else, as was proved when I bought a NEW WDTV and with no alterations whatsoever to wiring, etc. - entire setup - the new unit played with sound and without the ‘pink,’ etc.