Found unopened box of the legacy My Book 2TB my husband got from a SPIF

Can’t believe my husband got a free external and never opened it, or at least gave it to me to install it for him - or just giving it to me, could’ve worked too… The problem I have now is that I have had three different 27" iMacs, and currently have the Fusion. Since the My Book is only 2TB. I thought I would just use it to backup a specific category of my data (book database) and continue to use my 4TB G-Tech until I find a higher capacity I like.

So, why in the world would the box show it’s compatible with Macs (albeit need to be reformatted), but not include, or have available, the software to actually run a backup? So I have an unopened (in brand new condition) peripheral item, specifically made for Home backup uses, but it cannot actually be used for that purpose…because I have an iMac? Setting legacy software aside, if I had a PC, the WD Backup app would be available for me now and would allow the product to do as designed…So what can it be considered now for Mac Users, a paperweight?

Just ignore my text attitude… it’s not geared toward anyone, I’m just so tired of buying things that are made to be thrown away.

Backup for WD devices (USB and Network) on Mac are handled by Apple’s Time Machine software.