Formatting a NAS My Book Live to remove back-up/other software

I just added two more 3TB NAS Drives to my Network.  I use these drives on a Local network only for my entertainment system and do not have the need for the additional software; all I want is the additional space.  Can anyone help in laying out the process to accomplish formatting these to remove all software and have them just act like an external drive?


Just remove the software that comes on the unit and don’t install that…

One of the main issues in accomplishing this is due to the Drives being Network Drive. My Mac is not allowing me the option to format a network Drive.  I will attempt to use the USB port to connect locally and will respond with an update.  Thanks

OK, there are no USB ports on these drives.  My Mac sees them, but I cannot format them from the Mac. The windows machine doesn’t see them???  Any help is greatly appreciated.

Just do what ragdexx said. Just delete the folders.

You cannot “format” a NAS … ANY NAS… from the client computer.

All formats are done via the NAS management.

I do not have the permissions to delete the folders / files. It doesn’t matter how you view the drives on the network either from the Mac or PC, when you right click on the drive & view the software folders, you DO NOT have the option to delete them. I’ve setup an “everyone” user & a new public share, but I still don’t have the options to delete anything but what I’ve created.

I’ve used the software to setup the new public shares on the drives which I do have permissions for. I’m going to try & download something to these today & see what happens. I’ll keep you posted.


What happens when you just highlight the folder and press the DELETE key?

Still nothing.

I have no options to manage any of them unless I go to the internet thru the software website. Which is where I created all the shares, etc. in order to see them in the first place.

I know this can be done as I had a friend of mine do this very thing to my 1TB NAS Drive.  He just cannot remember what he had to do, but he does recall it being quite a bit of trial and error.

Thanks for all of the insights.