Formatting a Drive Kb per cluster

  Ok so i go way back to dos 3.0 and win 3.0  and the 088 days of computing. My point  here is hardDrive space and how to use it effectively.  I am not a great speller so dont ball bust me.    When dos was in memory and harddrives were unheard of room was i bit at a time used wisely, programming was expensive. Today the luxury of space is unbelievable.  The first harddrive i have is a whole one meg big and man that was fantastic about 6 inches wide 10 inches long and about 1.5 thick man you were humming with that lmao.   Today its a big candy store Tara  bites man oh man.

  But still today as yesterday formatting a hardDrive is still a  smart thing to do.  With MS windows and correct me please if iam wrong but iam close ,windows automatically formats drives at 64kb per cluster.   Clusters are small sections addressed on a H/D to store space. Once 1 bite is stored on any cluster that cluster is marked used up. the other 63+k is wasted sitting there.  windows writes alot of small files so 64k clusters go fast.  But you have a choice on how to format a H/D a choice of how many kb,s per cluster. So you don’t waste space . When alot of small files are written.  So lets say that  Walmart,s parking lot was empty and one car drove in , the parking lot  represents one cluster that car driving in gets the whole parking lot to himself because he,s i bite, wasted space, see what i mean.    I know times have changed but iam sure it still works the same way.  Not unless new programming helps save space by rewriting the cluster space, that would be cool .     I believe the smallest space per cluster is 12kb or is it 4 kb but anyway you have to be careful with windows as it relays on H/D space for memory and when cluster space goes to low in KB vitals memory can get tricky and windows will come up with all kind of memory errors because windows cant work well with too little bites in a cluster. I don’t think windows can tell how many bites in a cluster and therefore faults when clusters don’t have enough kb,s per cluster.  I tried this with smallest kb per cluster and all my errors were due to not enough kb per cluster so i would think windows can’t write more space because of this so errors out because of not enough memory when it thinks it does have clusters but not enough bites.  So i went one click higher to 12kb and everything was roses. W/D  has had alot of nice programs for harddrive service for ever and great support, F Disk was a great tool but windows i see doesn’t use it anymore  I like splitting uo drives into smaller partitions and f disk was great for that.  I dont know when windows got rid of  F disk put it isn’t in XP that I see.  Well hope someone else Chimes in here and adds to this info.  Oh back when H/D,s were super expensive like  250.00 for 250 Megs ? It was worth it for me to take h/d,s apart and change the ball bearings and fix the ribbon cables and reuse them but today it just doesn’t pay to do that. Production and labor costs have been a blessing to everyone  today I hope you know that DAM Terra Bites  MAN what a move forward, its been a great ride the last 40 years thanks to great companies like W/D. 

                                   Douglas   just a computer  Nut  lmao.   Peace


Times really change, I used to have a 10 GB drive and that was like the top of the line now I got a 3 TB drive and still need more space.

Thats not uncommon  esp. when you let windows format the whole drive as one drive. It goes faster.  Sorry W/D  but  its great business for HD companies and bad management of hard drive space.   One big reason that software prices are cheap because programming can be sloopy and use space like crazy. I guess good for users.  Same ratios exsit as 10 gigs vers 3 Tara  as 1 meg verses 1 gig  still same problem 20 years later.  But there is alot more info to keep now days for real.  Believe in backing up your data. We are all victims of not doing it.  Thanks for your repley, and have a great day.

i still have my ibm 486dx2 ready to work in my living room sometimes when i have patience enough to play with him

system specs:

computer from 1994 i think

32 mb ram

1 mb graphics ( onboard)

270 mb quantum hard drive ( working beautifuly with 2 more if i ever need more space lol) and with no bad sectors !! thats important lol

50  mhz cpu

windows 3.11 installed :slight_smile:

best regards


wow and i thought i was the only crack pot hanging on to 486  386,s and 286,s and 088,s    LOL computer security  5 1/4 drives lmao  soon  1.44 drives lol.  What was the disc size smaller then 1.44      720kb  ? lol iam starting to forget lol.  How about a fresh copy of Dos 1   and windows 3.0    yes i loved 3.11 also