Formated my drives

I formated my drives and I didn’t know the firmware was stored on them. Is there away to restore the drives? A backup CD from WD or something? I have the MBWE2 with 4TB.

How did you format the drives?  Did you remove them from the enclosure and then reformat them?  If so, you will need to replace the MyBook itself since there is no way to rebuild the factory-loaded firmware onto blank drives.

I wonder what it means “to replace the MyBook itself”

Send it back to WD for restoring factory defaults or throw it into a trash can and purchase new one?

I read about the same situations at other forums and it would be goot to know the way to survive.

Replacing the MyBook itself means to replace the MyBook enclosure with its drives inside.  There is no way to replace just the enclosure.

Thanks, WDJeremy, but there were no doubts that replacing from a technical point of view is about the enclosure with all its drives inside.

I was rather wondering about the way of replacing - did you suggest getting rid of it and buy new one?

Or how else it might be replaced?

You can check your drive’s warranty as well as request a warranty replacement through our website.  Please see the link below for more information:

WD has a GREAT warranty program. With most companies you need to send your product back to them, than wait for a replacement. With WD they take a credit card (to ensure you will send the broken one back) and than just ship out the replacement right away. I buy a LOT of WD products, and I’ve gotten replacements (drives do fail from time to time - its the nature of the beast) as quickly as 3 days after calling (generally it’s closer to a week, but still really quickly considering how long it takes other companies to send stuff out).

WD is great - no doubt

But I wonder if the aforementioned case with (improper) formatting is covered by the warranty and thus the RMA could be requested.

That’s what I am curious since the suggestion to replace the drive.

We can replace a drive as long as has no physical damage.  You can find a complete copy of our warranty policy through the link below.