Format to FAT32 ? My Passport Essential 500GB

Hi! I want to format my WD My Passport Essential 500GB into fat32 But i only see the options NTFS or exFAT. I’m using windows 7. Is it possible to format it to fat32? and how? Thank you!

Try this 


Thank you for the quick answer!

Unfortunatly it didn’t help much.

I tried using the cmd command but after about 2 hours formating it said the disk was too big for FAT32.

They mentioned that problem might happen in the guide and the solution was to get  that swissknife software that costs 10$ :S

Do anyone know if there is any other solution? If possibly for free. Thanks!

Found this freeware and it worked!!!

but does it say only 465.68gb avalible? or do you have 500gb