"format not supported" when trying to play an isofile

Hi all

Im having some issues play movies from ISO files.

When ever i try to play an ISO file i get the “format not supported” error.

Its just pain old dvd ISO’s.

Any idea whats going wrong?

Well, I would guess that the rips are bad.   I’ve never had this problem on the hundreds of ISOs I have…

How are you ripping them?

I’ve seen this sporadically with M2TS files, but not ISOs. I’d recommend using DVDFab to rip the DVD to files and ImgBurn to create the ISO.


DVDFab will rip straight to ISO, too.

If you are trying to play iso files using media server from W7 or some NASes, it woun’t work.

Iso can be playes only from Samba shares or from directly attached USB drive.

Thanks alot for the answers everyone.

As drabisan suggested it was NAS and Samba related :slight_smile:

When i use the DNLA part of my Synology NAS to view the ISO file, i got the problem. As soon as I tried using network shares, it worked perfectly.