Format new internal hdd

hey guys back again!! After finding out that my internal hdd was totaled fitted a new one. I used exactly the same hdd scorpio blue 1tb but now I am stuck on a formatting loop. DOH. Is there any way to format the drive externally at all?? Thanx in advance for any help or suggestions

You can remove the HDD from the WDTV LIVE HUB enclosure. I and others have pointers on YouTube on how to take the device apart.

Then you have options:

  1. Plug it in a SATA connection on a desktop motherboard

  2. Get a USB to SATA connector along the lines of this

I won’t suggest a portable HDD enclosure as this is a thick drive and am unsure if it would fit.

These options would allow you to format your HDD. Choose NTFS.

Reinstall HDD in device.

Thanx Snowman . I have done this already and it STILL wants to format it. If I say yes to formatting , it just keeps saying ‘need to format internal drive’ and starts the ‘formatting’ loop until I cancel??

hummmm…that don’t sound good…lol

What does it do if you power ON without the HDD attached?

maybe try plugging the 1TB Scorpio drive back into your PC and delete all Partitions (making it a RAW drive [with no partitions or format … windows will only see it in Computer Management and not windows Explorer) then plug it back into the WDTV Live Hub and format it there.

i do know the WDTV Live Hub creates a few partitions [including some hidden partitions] … so doing the above is basically starting from scratch and letting the Live Hub do the formatting and partitions creation.

and/or maybe even try the Reset Hole underneath the Live Hub to reset it to Factory Defaults ?

edit: the live hub creates a “WDTVPriv partition” from info here

Thanks guys but YET ANOTHER duff WD drive!! In contact with WD support as we speak.

AMAZING!! Fitted a 120gb Hitachi hdd, saw it , formatted it and performing perfectly :slight_smile: