Format My Book

I have a 2 TB My Book. I want to remove Ghost and use another program. Do I just remove the files ? Do I remove the Recycle Bin ? Do I remove the System Volume Info ? Or is it easier to Format this external drive ? What is the WD Quick Formatter App, and where would I find this ?

Hi there,

On this case you can either remove the file or format the drive, Here is a link that might help with he software:

Thank you for recommending the WD Quick Formatter. This is a perfect solution. Now I have confusion from 2 “Geek” friends. One says format my 2 TB drive with GPT. The other says use NFTS. He says that GPT is not universal enough to use for a full image backup, and that if i have to restore to a different Windows PC or Mac, they will not read it. Which do i choose, and how do i choose the system within WD Quick Formatter ?