Format and folder

Last week i had virus on my wd hub media player… To fix that, i formated my media player. Since that time, i have not virus on it but i cant read movie or anything else on hdd of media player. But i can read what is on my usb key. My question is… Do you know what is the name of folder it is originaly on wd live hub media player …? Or how can i read movie are on the hdd of my wd hub media player?

I assume that you added the movie back to the hub after you formatted it.

Yes i do… I whantto know what is the original folder on the media player…

As far as I know, the only folder that is there out-of-the-box is the “Sample Media” folder.

But it’s not important, and certainly won’t cause the issues you describe if it’s deleted…

You used the HUB’S own format tool, right?   Meaning, did you take this drive out of the Hub and attach it to your PC to reformat it?

Yes i used the hubs own format tool… Since that, i try to put some movie in different folder on my media player by usb key or by my pc … After that i see the movie by my pc but i cant see the movie by the media player

I dont know it is the solution but i reset 3time the media player after i haved reformat it and now the media player recinized the movie… Thank you for all solution!

I have allsorts of problems with the folders. The folders which are empty are not visible in Files, some folders are not visible even though they have a file inside etc etc. There is a very strange behaviour, not consistent at all.

I think the Hub OS is wobbly, not tested enough, sometimes very unpredictable.

Folders without media files will not appear in files.   That’s by design.