Forgot my WD My Passport drive password

I have forgot password for my WD My Passport drive. I don’t want to lose the data so is there any way to recover it or reset it??

Thanks for Jeoy for your reply. But the only suggestion I can assume from the shared link is to wipe out the drive and it will reset the password, which is critical for me.

sorry, but you’ll have to try and remember your original password then.

Or the only other possible option is a data recovery service (which can be expensive)

I tried to erase the data but its now giving error while erasing drive.

There has been an error while erasing your drive(3).

What could be the possible issue with this???

Bad news, you are not going to like this (from My Book manual)

CAUTION! The WD Security software uses your password to electronically lock and
unlock your drive. If you forget your password, you will not be able to access the data
that is on your drive or write new data to it. You will have to erase the drive before you can use it again.

The only way in this case to “erase” the password is to format the drive on your computer, and then all data on drive is gone.

People need to keep track of their passwords; a post-it on monitor is one (sloppy) way to do this, but people have too many passwords today for even that.

I suggest you keep all your user names and passwords in a file for each website, device, etc… If you use Microsoft Word you can password-protect this file. This way you have only one password to remember. Just don’t forget that one!!

Yes, I am not the most tech-informed person - but here goes. I, too, have a password, which, by the way, I have never been asked for previously, and I am clueless as to what it is.

My question is this: If I erase my drive, I “think” it’s okay. ALL I want to do is get what’s on my computer NOW onto my back up drive. So, is it necessary the I have the previous info on my drive to back up what I now have on my laptop?

Thanks ahead of time - and be well!

I did not find a forum where they talk about my problem so I answer this post, my hard drive broke the usb connector now I can’t access the unlock application, although I already dismounted the drive and from what I see the drive is fine physically (and windows detects it) but I can not run the unlock program, how can I recover my information from the disk? since WD programs do not detect it

Contact a Data Recovery Service and get a Quote … be warned though, Data Recovery Services aint cheap.

In future, always keep a backup of your data … I learnt this lesson many years ago.

This hard disk supossed to be the backup, thank you!


In some cases if you have registered an email on more advanced models of these passports, then you can go to the website for WD and get it reset.

Unfortunately for the safety of your own files you cannot get into the drive again without the password to access the files. One would need to wipe the drive completely for it to be useable again. This is for the best. Certainly you would not want anybody to be able to get their hands on your data by resetting such a password without your permission.

I believe Western Digital has a small disclaimer in the passport manual as a warning that forgetting the password will leave the drive locked up and unavailable for use. This being said, I am sorry if this is a frustrating experience for you. I hope the best!
OR you need a password recovery tool, choose amongst the list:

  1. HDD Unlock Wizard
  2. Victoria HDD
  3. Ultimate Boot CD

This might help you.

Hi @JoeySmyth , i understand these services are expensive, but i am considering to pay to recover my old time photos. yes, humans do make mistakes, and for the number of people watching this post, we have many of us who forgot/set up wrongly their passwords.

That being said, i already contacted one data recovery service and they cannot do this. Any tips of those, on this list of companies, can recovery the data for the “dummy” people who forgot their passwords?

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