Forever scanning

Last week after 3 phone sessions with Customer Support I thought FW 4.00.00-607 might actually be working.

So today added my Calibre data base about 5800 files, 18.6 GB. 

12 hours later My Cloud keeps churning away “scanning” and “building thumbnails”.

Why? Why so long and why are they needed?

Media sharing is turned OFF on all shares, DLNA Media Server is OFF, iTunes Server is OFF, Cloud Access is OFF.

My Cloud isn’t going to be of much use if every time you add files it becomes useless for the next 12 to 24 hours.

Same here. Mine is scanning for 5 days now for photos @ 98% done. Dunno how long for musics, videos, documents and others.

**bleep** this firmware update! I only have 2.4 TB of data!!!

If you exceed the share directory monitor watch limit scanning seems to run indefinitely.  They only way I discovered this was by enabling email alerts, there was no alert otherwise of this.


I gather that error has to do with DLNA/Twonky. I haveDLNA Media Server: Media Streaming OFF also have all shares Media Serving: OFF and 24 hours later still scanning.

Would be nice to know what the limits are in terms of monitor watch limit. I only have 270 GB on My Cloud.