Forced to install again WD Discovery after unused time

When my WD My Home Cloud is unused since a while, I get an error message (due to lack of use), and I am forced to install again WD Discovery on my desktop.
Sometimes, I just have to log on again and sometimes I have to install again, it seems
to be connected to the time alapsed.
And I don’t understand, the options in WD Discovery seems to be correct in order to launch the app at startup.
Is it normal?
Do you have any ideas on how to fix it up?
Thanks for help.

Best regards.

HI @batou22003
personnaly, i didn’t have that problem but already read this manytimes.
So, do you do your reinstallation with the same file (exe) of WD discovery?
is it an up to date’s version?
W10 system or Else?
May be, answers of these questions could help you to fix that problem