Force ALL sound through HDMI cable?

Hi guys. I have an old WDTV first gen box. I used to have to use the amp to listen to some movies as the codecs weren’t supported on the TV. 

I am about to recommend the newer WDTV Live to my father. He doesn’t have an amp. Am I right in thinking that the new version allows you to force the audio as stereo down the HDMI cable? so this effectively means that some of my MKV files will work when previously we had to use an amplifier to decode the audio feed?

He doesn’t want or need 5.1 or anything… just to press play and see (& hear!) the movie / video.

Many thanks,


If you just want stereo, you can use both the HDMI cable (for the video) and you use the composite output cable (for the stereo audio output). This is what I am doing since my TV does not support audio on the HDMI cable.

ah brilliant - so everything is then forced down the composite - despite sending the HD picture down the HDMI? I thought that when in HDMI mode (the TV using HDMI input source) there wasn’t other options to have audio… sounds good though!! Thanks :) 

Yes, both the HDMI (video) and composite outputs (for stereo audio) are on simultaneously.