Folders vs Directories setup noobie question

Hello everyone, I apologize because this feels like such a newbie question, but I am stumped, and have read the manual, the FAQ, and searched this and other forums and been unlucky in finding answers.

I currently have a WDTV Live with a WD TV2 TB My Passport attached to it through USB. On the Passport, I have the following directory structure:


-TV Shows

----Doctor Who

-------Season 3

-------Season 4

-------Season 5


Yet, when I load up my WD TV, where I go to videos and select it as the source, or go to Media Library, it shows everything in one list. I had assumed that the Folders would equate to directories on the drive (and in fact have folder.jpg files in each directory) but no such luck. Can anyone please tell me what I am doing wrong?

Sounds like you have an SMP ? (if so, you’re in the wrong forum)

Press the  GreenFilterButton.png  Button on your Remote Control

Here’s the User Manual:

I do have a Streaming Media Player, so I’m definitely missing left and right here tonight. I tried your suggestion, which I am positive I tried before, but it worked. I’m just going to assume that I’ve become a technological cluebie overnight. Thank you so much for the help!