Folders in MyBookWorld

I been using a MyBookWorld for a few years now without any problems. Today I set up a new pc using Windows 8 and I located the WD drive on my network, right clicked it to create a shortcut on my desktop. This was okay but when I then click on the shortcut icon I get the WD Login page. On my old pc when I clicked on the icon I would get “CONFIGURATION” “PUBLIC”  and “DOWNLOAD”. I could then go into the folders/files directly. What do I need to do to get access to my files? Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

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Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the Network section your NAS should be there and should grant you access.

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Thanks. I was fiddling around and right clicked the shortcut. I could then access the files by  either clicking “View Device Webpage” or “Open”. I then created another shortcut to the “Public” folder, which is where all my stuff is. Interestingly, I would have thought that by clicking the Device Webpage it would lead me to the WD Login page. Anyway, all sorted and thanks again.