Folders from WD My Cloud gets deleted


I have a strang issue.

My personal share folder got deleted a few times and now one of my folders with multimedia was deleted from Public share space.

It is weird because I’m sure that only I am using this network drive. Fortunetly I didnt lost any unique data, but I have a problem to switch to WD MC as my only backup device.

Why this is happening ?

PS. I’m running firmware v04.04.01-112.
WD My Cloud 3TB

I don’t think *nix logs deletion by default. You could possibly install Inotify Tools to log future deletions.

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You could try ssh into the My Cloud. Then look to see if the folders are really deleted.


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Thank you both.

JAC70 - how do I install Inotify Tools ?

RAC - How can I connect vis ssh ? I’ve tried to connect by putty with ip address (static) and port 22, but connection was rejected.

Sorry for a noob questions. I know my way around, but this is my furst NAS device.

I don’t know if this is worth mentioning but I connect to my nas from few devices:

  • Raspberry pi which is working as a server and saving downloaded files into WDMC
  • Windows/Linux pc
  • Android device

Thanks again !

Edit - RAC, I was able to connect - find out that you have to enable this in device settings. Folder is not visible in ssh also.

JAC70 - Inotifytools should be installed in command line, right ?

One last trick. When logged into the MY Cloud. Do a “cd /” command. Then you could do
“find . -name -print” If the folder exists this command should find it.


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RAC - Good idea. I have performed a search as you have asked - even searched for files with wanted extension with "find . -name “*.extension” but no luck.

Folder got deleten somehow :frowning:

Do you have any idea why, or how I can prevent that from happening again?

Thanks !

Nope. But would guess it has to do with any application that sync’s to different systems. Linux
would not delete a folder without being told to do so.