Folders are gone!


I have an external disk directly connected to my WD tv live. Suddenly all my content are gone! (I’ve received the message: Content not found).


  • WD TV live;

  • External disk: WD 3TB;

  • both direct connected;

I use this HD only to store movie files (MKV, AVI, etc). I have something about 200~300 files in th disk.

  • There is a maximum number of folders?

  • I"ve already tryed soft-reset, hard-reset, factory-reset… no success.

  • when I access the HD via network, I can’t see the content. If I connect directly to PC, all content are there!

  • I’ve already searched for this problem, but I found only cases which the content is in the network, not directly connected.

Does anyone already see this problem??

Eject drive from WD (use eject button on remote). Connect drive to your PC run chkdsk to clear any “dirty” disk flags and then do a proper eject for an usb device before disconnecting. Unplug WD, connect drive and powerup.

Also, delete the hidden folders/files.  They will be rebuilt when drive is reattached to WD unit.

Is this really the Live Streaming or the old Live?

Does the Live Streaming not have files like the old Lives?  If it doesn’t have them, then I stand corrected.

AFAIK the Live Streaming does not write to HDD when the media library ist turned off, the Live does even then. My question however aims and the lost files/dir issues. So far it only happened on the old LIVEs > 1.06.15 and I hope it’s now not also happening on the LIVE Streaming.

I eject and check the drives connected to my Live Plus every few months to run a Windows 7 scan.  I run v1.05.04B firmware on my two Lives.  Sometimes Windows finds errors in the file table and sometimes it doesn’t.  The issue I (and others) had for a while  over a year ago was ISO files being set to (zero) 0 bytes.  I found 3 or 4 of them.  Fortunately, I had backups of these files and replaced them.  The last time I found another of these 0 byte files was maybe over six months ago, so the problem seems to still be around; just not as frequently.  Have no idea what causes it to happen.  It 's just Life With the Live Plus, I guess.

While I have the drive on the PC, I delete the files – may as well, since they can get corrupted and cause trouble and they will regenerate anew when the drive is re-mounted on the Live Plus.

Thanks guys! It is working now!!!

Solution: chkdsk /F + Delete .wdtv hidden folder

Thanks for letting us know what did it.