Folder Thumbnails

Hello Everyone,

Hopefully someone can help me.

I am trying to have my folders display a thumbnail image.  Is this possible?


In Movies I have the following folders:

Action & Adventure




Any help is much appreciated!

Yes, just place the image in your folder and  name your image “folder.jpg”.


I am using the default UI for now with the latest firmware.  My thumbnail for Return of the King is not working.  In gallery view all of the others thumbs appear properly.  I reloaded the image from TMDB, same problem.  I had deleted all of the corresponding thumbs in the thumbs hidden folder.   Probably will try unplugging it, then deleting all thumbs for the movie, then power on.

THe hub takes the original thumb, then resizes it to fit in several other views.  For example, in gallery view I was having a problem with the thumb for a baby einstein folder.  I had loaded a new folder.jpg image and deleted all of the exisitng thumbs.  In gallery view the folder thumb was now correct.  However, when I hovered over the folder, the older image appeared for the folder in the hover, however, the larger thumb at the top left was correct.  In other words, two different thumbs.  Another delete and power cycle fixed it.

Thanks for all of your great posts that helped me get my hub working great. 


I looked at the jpg file on the hub and it showed 0 kb.  On my NAS where the file came from it was 32.9kb. I replaced the jpg with one from the impawards site and now it works fine.  Although the image quality is very poor, will look for a better one.

Im having the same problem trying to load an image for the main folders.All my movies are in individual folders and all the thumbs are working great but I cant get the hub to display the main folder icon.My folders are arranged so


MOVIES/ASSORTED/DOLBY DIGITAL/KIDS FILMS/TV SERIES (these are the folders I am trying to show the folder thumb)

Im on 2.07 firmware and just using the internal hard drive with legacy theme.Using the collection of folder thumbs downloaded of fthis very site( Folder Icons-Glass B). Thanks

I have tried placing a folder.jpg into each directory and no matter what I try the hub wont display the folder thumbnail.

Pulling my hair out with this one.TIA


Ok guys, first the theme you use has nothing to do with the thumbnails.  Thumbnails are handled by the firmware and the theme is only revalent as to the size and postion that they are displayed.

Second, folder thumbnails will always be displayed with poor quality due to how they are cached.  It doesn’t matter the quality of the orginal, the HUB caches the thumbnail at a smaller size and therefore will not look as good as the file thumbnails because they are cached differently (unless you are using the latest firmware which displays all thumbs with poor quality) than the file thumbs.  This is why it’s not recommended to have your files in individual folders, the best way to structure your files is by Genre folders so that you have all the movies of the same genre in one folder.

Third, if you can’t get the folder thumbs to display then the first thing you need to do is to clear the media library.  If you still can’t get them to display then try and deleting the “thumbs” folder, which is in the “.wd_tv” folder.


Interesting how the original thumb is resized into 3 to 7 versions, obviously to fit different image locations within the theme.  I think my thumbs are now working fine. 

Question, when you say to delete the thumbs folder, delete contents or the entire folder?



Delete the folder itself.  The HUB will rebuild this folder.