Folder structure when browsing content - annoying!

Hi everyone,

I have all my content stored ON the Live Hub itself. Nothing on external harddrives, nothing on a NAS or anything. It’s all on the Hub.

When - in the main menu - I select “Videos”, I would expect that I’d get a list/grid/whatever of my videos. Instead, I see a folder called “WDTVLiveHub” (which is the name of my hub). Select that folder, and I now see four new folders: Music, Photo, usb_sync, and Video. Then, when I select the Video folder, I can see my list of videos.

But why this “deep” structure? I selected “Videos” in the main menu (!!)

I might be a noob, and the solution might be right in front of my nose, and I might even have screwed something up terribly, and I migth just be an **bleep**.

But still, would someone explain the logic, and hopefully a solution to my problem? :slight_smile:

J. Jespersen

I think ou need to change your view. Now you are accessing folder view. Go to options on the remote when you aare on video, then change it to a different view other than folder (I don’t have hub infront of me to tell you exact details.)

Different views make no difference - i stille see that akward way-too-deep and so-so-silly folder structure. Just in a different view.

But thanks anyways.  :slight_smile:

J. Jespersen

I have Video set up to browse a network or media share.

For local content, I favourite the handful of folders I need fast access to and they are then available from the Dashboard with far less navigation.

Simply press the Blue button or press Down on the Home screen, and there they are.

Doesn’t change the fact that the folder view is flawed but it’s a neat workaround.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

The “WDTVLIveHub” folder was added in the newest firmware (2.06.10) and there is no way to keep it from having this extra layer.

However, you can rollback to earlier firmware (I would suggest 2.04.13) and this will not show up.