Folder Structure on a brand new LiveHub?

When new… what is the folder structure in the livehub drive?

What is the best way to put all media? and how livehub discover the different type of media? like… photos, videos and music…

When I use the iPhone app - WD photos, it actually see some of the .jpg files from music album art work as actual photos, I don’t want that to appear as photos to share!!!

Also, any of the photos I actually have in the livehub appear on the app, it keeps showing error … file not found! it is frustrating…

So, does WD livehub has specific folder names for each media file type? …

Hope someone else is having the same issue… Thanks !

I think there’s a “Sample Media” folder, and a “.wd_tv” folder, and that’s it, when new.

You can arrange your media pretty much however you want to.

The Hub sorts media type by FILE EXTENSION.

If the Music Album Artwork is stored as a separate JPG, it *will* show up in WD Photos; there’s no way around that other than to put the artwork IN the file as an ID3 tag (if your media supports that.)

Don’t know why you’re having the “file not found” error, unless the WD Photo cache is corrupt.  

No, there are no specific folder names to separate media files.

Thank you for your help, I think I delete some of the folders when new. I will restart the process. Format the drive as new and go from there, right now in the process of saving all the current files I have. I hope to get it right this time. Thanks!